Just chill

I realize that you can’t just run away when shit gets hard. like it’s all day, everyday until the roads end. it's the phases and somehow, we wind up okay.   Picture; havegrowlerwilltravel.com Inspiration; Run Away - The Afters

lonely nile

when the sadness holds me captive, and there's no one to comfort my soul, i'll paddle my canoe on that lonely nile drifting...slowly...towards the horizon, trusting the amber flames of the glistening sunset to set fire to my island heart   Picture; caladventures.com Inspiration;  Set me on fire - Flyleaf


You can blame it on my pride or the spell that I’m under You can blame it on my youth or the vices I indulge You can blame it on my ignorance or the depravity I hold so dear You can blame it on my melodramatic lifestyle or the wild assumptions I conjure But after … Continue reading YWF

beautiful in time

On days like this, the uncertainty weighs down on my feeble shoulders. Suddenly I see all the reasons why things will never turn out great. Am I alone in this? Every day is different and somedays laced with fear, but I’m trusting the Universe, to make our lives beautiful in time. Picture; bermudasun.bm


at the end of the day you realize...that you’re alone in this world...no one else...just you...and your reality...until you close your eyes...forever Today is the last day of the year, it was going good until some hours ago. I'm deeply hurt, flooded with all kinds of emotions and have cried my eyes out. but I'm … Continue reading alone…

Our gift

We’re not like the moon, that hovers, forever giving moonlight We’re not like the sun, that burns bright forever sustaining life We’re not like gravity, that will pull everything down, until the end of the end But we’re creators, we become whatever we choose This is our gift. Picture; DeviantArt


I hate it Bloody hate it  When people don’t take responsibility for their lives  Like who the hell do you think you’re? Special? You think everyone doesn’t struggle and have doubts all the damn time? Keep making excuses  At the end of the day  It’s your life Not mine  Picture; Pinterest