Life is

a dime

a second

a sorbet


Picture; Taken by me in Ras Al Kahimah

His joy

His joy

it’s hard. i’m tired

sick of pretending like

i’m strong enough to ride this wave.

some nights i cry more than once; doubts

rocking me to sleep like the

sound of troubled waters. to hang

on to a gleam of hope is

not for the weak…

i won’t give up…his joy

will be my strength



Inspiration; No one can steal our joy – Tenth Avenue North

This distance

This distance

Have you ever loved a man? Opened up like the morning tulips your vulnerable soul, risking it all for affection pure? Have you dreamed hot metallic dreams, that left you dripping fluids of delight? Well I have. I’m in love with a man, a true peridot with healing as his gift. A flawed jasper cut just for me. But the distance came and set the seas between man and girl. Now I’m here, counting the stars blinking against the inky sky…until we meet again.

Picture; Pinterest

Inspiration; Long Distance – Brandy

A melancholic backdrop

A melancholic backdrop

As I neared the end of my journey through the lord of the flies, I felt a panic, an intensity, a fear for a life, tortured by fate, hunted by once innocent children just like himself. As his life flashed before his eyes, suddenly there was a calm as hope shone overhead as rescue, his suffering screeching to a halt as quickly as it had begun. As he lay there weeping at his saviors feet, I felt a sadness envelope me, a reality so real sunk deep and I thought about life. How circumstances stand like a line as thin as thread between good and evil. How only a relative veil separates sanity and madness. I pondered the superficial nature of our so called “morals”. I realized that we never truly know what we’re capable of, until the fear stares us down point blank, like a gun to the head.


Inspiration; Lord of the Flies, a novel by William Golding


Go tell the others

Go tell the others

There’s no magic word

No shortcut to your dreams

There’s no one leg in, one leg out

You either give it your all or you don’t

It’s up to you to fight or just

Lay there, snoring your life away

We only get one shot at this

Just one and

Then it’s over.

Go tell the others



Inspiration; Hydro – Falling Up

the distraction

the distraction

For my sanity I had to let go of my pride and make the harder choice

It’s never easy to be humble but you must pay the price for growth

I’ve learnt that in anger decisions are impaired

And miracles only happen when we forgive

As you fight for what you really want

Beware the distraction.




Inspiration; “So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor” 1 Peter 5:6 (NLT)