He wants me to go

he says my destiny is

waiting for me on the

other side of the



Picture; Taken by me at Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah UAE

Inspiration; Divine direction devotional by Craig Groeschel on You-version Bible



To the dreamers; ordinary people

paying the price, making no excuses

To the fighters who find a balance

taming their minds, taking risks

To these broken souls that have

no where else to go but up



Picture; popsci.com

Inspiration; To the Dreamers – for King and Country

This distance

This distance

Have you ever loved a man? Opened up like the morning tulips your vulnerable soul, risking it all for affection pure? Have you dreamed hot metallic dreams, that left you dripping fluids of delight? Well I have. I’m in love with a man, a true peridot with healing as his gift. A flawed jasper cut just for me. But the distance came and set the seas between man and girl. Now I’m here, counting the stars blinking against the inky sky…until we meet again.

Picture; Pinterest

Inspiration; Long Distance – Brandy

Poetry can save the world

Poetry can save the world

I want to be a history maker, to

set your soul ablaze with

the words that I breathe.

I want the world to dance to

the rhythm of my rhymes,

celebrating the life, given from my pen.

I want the words pouring out as

fireflies from my beautiful mind, to

shine a light on your dark day.

I want you to see that

anything is possible, that

poetry can save the world.


Picture; lovesove.com

Inspiration; History Maker – Delirious

Go tell the others

Go tell the others

There’s no magic word

No shortcut to your dreams

There’s no one leg in, one leg out

You either give it your all or you don’t

It’s up to you to fight or just

Lay there, snoring your life away

We only get one shot at this

Just one and

Then it’s over.

Go tell the others


Picture; trademarksandbrandsonline.com

Inspiration; Hydro – Falling Up