The box

Sacred to gain knowledge is how it should be and to learn, one must love discipline It's not okay to just study, you need to do the talk Time waits for no one and two heads are better than one Your friends point the world to who you are and so you need to choose … Continue reading The box

Falling Up

Cast down  Falling down Smiling faces Torn Life will be life Time will live on Some days are this Other days will be blue and that Are you still waiting for a sign? Take a step now; forward  Not cast down Falling up Artwork by Cornelia Parker 

The one

Be the one that listens the one that cares everyone's going through something even the ones with the brightest smile be the rainbow in another's sky; be the good and not a lie find your truth in their eyes see them as you, as brother share the gospel of patience It will end so why … Continue reading The one