Travel for Vacation or Relocate to Cape Verde

tarrafal beach with mountains in the background in Tarrafal cape verde

As a Nigerian who relocated to Cape Verde, I can say that Cape Verde is the ultimate travel destination for Nigerians and here’s the reason why. For one, Cape Verde is made up of 9 amazing islands which is more than enough islands to explore during a vacation. Cape Verde is only a 4 hour direct flight from Lagos and the best part? Nigerians don’t even need a visa to visit Cape Verde. Awesome I know.

In general, Cape Verde offers a better quality of life than Nigeria, with good roads, 24/7 electricity, constant water supply, security, infrastructure and a growing economy fuelled by tourism, it’s no wonder a lot of Nigerians are looking to relocate to Cape Verde.

Relocating to Cape Verde as a Nigerian is relatively easy depending on your situation and if you’re looking to travel to Cape Verde either for tourism or relocation, I can provide you with all the information you need to make the process easy for you and without stress.

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For a list of the requirements to visit Cape Verde as a Nigerian, click here.