Funny Signs in Barbados (Photos)

Street Vendor Sign at the Ministry of Agricultural Market in Bridgetown, Barbados Fruit vendor sign at the Ministry of Agriculture market

In Barbados, i’ve noticed a couple of signs, names of restaurants, or street signs that I found pretty funny. Here are the ones I managed to take a picture of, for your viewing pleasure….

street sign with funny restaurant name in Holetown ,Barbados Restaurant Sign in Holetown, Barbados

Funny Bar Sign in Bathsheba Barbados saying Sign at a Restaurant in Bathsheba Barbados

Road Sign that says Street sign in St. Andrews

I also saw a sign by someones garden that said “Garden of Eden”  and a restaurant called “Cock on the Rock” however I didn’t manage to take a picture.

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All images taken by Five Foot Nomad are original!

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