Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World, Yas Island (Photos + Video)

Ferrari world in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi is an indoor amusement park and the first Ferrari themed park in the world. The park is home to Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world which i've been on and I can say that it was an intensely exciting experience. On the Formula Rossa, the … Continue reading Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World, Yas Island (Photos + Video)

Life as we know it

Everyone has a story. I try to imagine what it’s like being you, thinking your thoughts, acting your play like you. I feel like there’s 7 billion worlds, each one of us lost in thought in our own reality until we fall asleep. The end! Picture: Inspiration: high talking with friends

Siempre adelante…

Una vida de valor es dificil de vivir, pero tratamos nuestras mejor y eso es suficiente. siempre adelante....siempre.   Pictura: Inspiracion: La vida pasa y es siempre por la mejor. Estoy agradecido por mi vida. Siempre!!! (Soy escuchando que "Bad Bunny - Como antes")

I wonder

in this game of you versus life i wonder about your view through eyes electric blue; knowing firecoal suns, peering through pearly gates.   Picture: Fatima Albudoor Inspiration:  01/10/19, 1:24am thinking about life      

The end…

even sweet and sour songs must come to an end. sober reflections, past...present. maybe this sunset will lead us home to new beginnings, God i hope so.   Picture: Inspiration: Today is the last day of the year 2018.            


he says overthinking won't help, i do it anyway nonstop in my loco head dancing in a loop of thoughts. he thinks i'm a star porque i made it this far... lucky me!   Picture: Inspiration: Casting Crowns - In Me


I feel like a language you can't understand, like i'm missing out on life, yours, mine. don't think for a second that my roses are without thorns, i'm low-key in my lane fighting, learning, chasing the dreams hovering within my head space. ...thoughts...mind...power... is anything really worth it though? i keep trying and trying, tossed by … Continue reading FOMO


days like this when i feel like i can't take it anymore, i find solace in your words that never die.   Picture: Inspiration: Every Little Thing by Hillsong Young and Free