Breathe in, out!


[For the one who feels stuck in a phase, in the trials, in the confusion, the Truth can set you free]

Ears plugged

Mind chatters

Legs trapped in the sand

The sound of the waves interrupting the music blasting in my ears

Alone, I’m here, seeking to clear my head of the traffic

Trying to find a solution to the problems all lined up

It’s like life is only defined by the constant situations, the melodramatics always there, keeping us less bored with it,

Something’s always not how we want it to be

Some things not always where we want it to be

Someone’s not always available to us

Right now, with fingers scribbling in the sand

I remember what it felt like to feel nothing

To want nothing but for a second

A friend told me freedom is in the mind

I pondered on that and thought; freedom is a beautiful illusion, a mirage, make belief, not free

He told me he was searching for fulfillment, that he felt alone

But ain’t we all? Or maybe most of us, people like you and me

He said he heard voices in his head

But don’t we all? Like right now

It just never goes away or so I thought.

Ears plugged

Sitting in the sand, I watch the waves dance before me

I think about Him

I remember the price He paid

His death, His cross

And then it all makes sense,

There is hope, one day, someday it will all pass

His will, His word, my guide through this age

I find peace in it even when my skies grow dark as night

When I feel trapped in the world, His words set me free, everyday, right now

He’s here, Spirit within this spirit

The tears begin to fall, I can’t understand it

But do I need to?

I’ve accepted the Truth behind it

As I walk upon the waters

I look up

I give it all to the Universe

I breathe in, out deeply relieving myself of the burdens

I loose myself, I sway

I can see!

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