Ghosted! What it Means and How it Feels


I’m not gonna lie, being ghosted HURTS! all the sudden no texts, no calls, then there’s that dreadful feeling you get the moment you realize you’ve been blocked without warning. I always wonder, is it best to talk things out? be a bit mature; communicate to the other person why you no longer want to be “friends”?, or just take the “easy way out” poof! gone. The stages of confusion and sadness go from wondering if the other is okay/sick/dying/dead, to realizing that for some reason they just don’t like you anymore. Then follows the shame that leads to trouble letting go and it just lingers. At some point its no longer about the other person and what they did but about your hopes, feelings and your bruised self esteem. The worst part is trying to figure out why. why now? what did i do wrong? both parties become enslaved by thoughts of what the other is thinking. Is there any justification for this behavior? I mean i could justify ghosting him, he was a bad friend by my standards, a damn liar and a train-wreck of bad choices. But i wonder if her justification for ghosting me will make sense to me if i ever get to hear it. I like to think of myself as relatively good, i mean i try to help others the best i can and hard as it is, i can’t fault anyone for ghosting as i have no idea the reasoning that led them to decide it best to not have me as a part of their lives henceforth. maybe deep down i even respect it, standing up for yourself, what’s best for you and your mind peace is key in life regardless of who gets hurt in the process, after-all its our god-given right, right? I’m realizing that life is always changing and this rejection, disappointment, pain is the catalyst for growth. a necessity! yes it sucks huge ass balls but i’m learning and the fact that i see it as a lesson whatever it may be, shows my growth overtime.

Picture: huffpost

Inspiration: This is me dealing with being ghosted by writing about it. its so messed up. How do we change this ghosting mindset tho?

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