To all the time I spent in 2019

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2019 has come to an end and like every crazy ass year before, there’s no taking back all the time I’ve spent on social media scrolling mindlessly for hours instead of reading a book. I’ve spent precious hours of my life watching TV shows like 90 day fiancee, GOT and other guilty pleasures that consume my time like quicksand. I’ve spent 365 days of my life doing what exactly? From working, to complaining, chasing trends, randomly browsing through online stores, buying all this shit I still don’t need, engaging in twitter wars, taking naps longer than necessary and the list goes on.

January 1st every year is a day rife with long lists of dreams, goals and aspirations for the new year and some of us started this year with grande plans to divide and conquer. I for one had plans to write more often and not care what anyone thinks because it gives me satisfaction, to start a YouTube channel with hopes to one day earn cold hard cash  like Ryan Kaji, to lose the extra stomach rolls among other things. But here I am again, on the last day of the year with some stupid excuse as to why nothing’s changed….

Others spent the year waiting for something, a promotion, a life partner, the right moment to invest, for a deal to fall through and whatever it may be. However, the wait time was spent doing relatively nothing as usual and its like “fuck the universe, I deserve better”.

I guess goals are just blah if you don’t describe in detail exactly what you want, create a step by step plan of how you’re gonna get it and actually do the hard work, adjusting as you go along. Just like “summer bodies” don’t fall from the sky, if I don’t make a detailed plan to wake up at 6:30am to work out 45mins a day, 5 days a week for 3+ months and be disciplined enough to see it through, it’s never going to happen.

I need to quit making excuses in 2020!

Picture: Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “To all the time I spent in 2019

  1. Well I don’t make resolutions or do I get distracted or disturbed by the new year fever. I think it has to do with getting old and realising that’s some of these things are mare human constructs. What’s a new year? You basically live everyday, have the same amount of hours until you die. These are just things people use to give their lives meaning. So basically I live life one step at a time. Doesn’t mean I do not have plans but they are not necessarily influenced by things that are actually not real.

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